engineeringforchange at ReVV2011

It’s all about a gathering together.

Can there be anything better than learning of the allies and colleagues suddenly on your side? Or, am I on their side? Or, perhaps, we are all on the same side now, confounded (or inspired) by a common enemy. Global crisis and backyard sadness. And there they are, the people you didn’t expect to meet who are helping you move that mountain with their own kind of shovels and buckets.

Engineering for Change is a project of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Just what does it mean that a standards organization is trying to solve global problems? It means we have a new ally.

E4C just came out of beta, and is being lauded for its vision and efficiency-building objectives. It cuts across discplines, engineering and otherwise, to connect needs with solutions. We will get to hear about it, and learn how to use it, at this year’s ReVisioning Value conference. I am delighted we will have Tom Loughlin, the visionary behind the online space e4c.

He is joined by another astounding problem solver and visionary, Henry Petroski, noted author and engineer’s engineer. His latest book is a must read: “The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems.”

And, we are also graced with others in the design and problem-solving community! Heather Fleming of Catapult Design will join us, leading a session on problem solving and design thinking.

It is a unique opportunity to be inspired by and meet up with new allies in the global project of problem solving.

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Henry Petroski to Speak at ReVV2011

You may not know who Henry Petroski is. If you are interested in social innovation and entreprenuership, you may wonder what a civil engineer is doing at a conference focused on developing social and economic health through innovation. But, if effective problem solving is what you’re about, working to make the world a better place, then meet Henry Petroski, professor of civil engineering at Duke University. His most recent book is titled “THE ESSENTIAL ENGINEER: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems.” You’re in for a treat.

At Springboard Innovation, we believe cross-pollination of the sectors is crucial to positive global change. Getting to know Henry Petroski is a case in point. Note what Thomas Hayden wrote in his Washington Post book review:

“…Petroski presents a book-length argument for the place of engineering in humanity’s future, especially when it comes to ensuring that future in the face of climate change, natural disasters, dwindling oil supplies and other global problems.”

We overlook people, disciplines, and possibilities because of our historical biases. We can’t afford those blinders anymore. We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Petroski to Portland!

We will host Dr. Petroski at the ReVisioning Value (ReVV2011) conference March 7&8 at the Gerding Theatre in downtown Portland, Oregon. He will talk about his book and his ideas for effective problem solving. He will also highlight one specific strategy… that of searching out failure. ReVV 2011 is built around SIX BIG THEMES, and Strategy is one of them.  Petroski suggests we overlook potential value by turning our back on failure rather than seeking it out. Join us as we learn from one of the great thinkers and authors of our time.

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