The Yellow Shelf Project

The new ban on disposable plastic grocery bags in Portland, OR has made headlines. But perhaps more newsworthy is the Rose city’s Yellow Shelf Project, which reduces plastic waste by marketing and distributing body care and household products in returnable, reusable or reused containers. Think of what you might throw out many times over a year- empty deodorant containers, lotion bottles, and jars – items that can’t be recycled or viably reused. The Yellow Shelf Project, a pilot initiative of Portland nonprofit Create Plenty, will provide an easily accessible alternative for you to put your consumer dollars towards a reduced waste market model. Visit their website in a few weeks to hear the latest on the initiative’s progress!

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  • The Yellow Shelf Project is on!

    Soaps, lotions, body sprays, deodorant and more are available at 100th Monkey Studio. Buy these local products, bring back the container, buy another product, repeat!

    Check out the products by Local Producers Jaime Schmidt and Kimi Marin: 100th Monkey Studio, 110 SE 16th Ave
    Portland, Oregon, 97214.

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