October 13th Forum: new legal structures for social change

At October’s Springboard Social Innovation Forum we’ll be revisiting legal corporate entities and social ventures.

In 2009 we shared emerging trends in legal structures such as the L3C and its potential role in receiving PRIs. This month we’ll also share the practice of a 501(C)(3) launching a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary. This strategy can provide an income stream and offer opportunities for impact investing. It’s time to get an update on these ideas and hear what’s promising.

We will hear from social innovators who can speak to the experience as well as legal experts who will share trends. Join us on Wednesday, 10/13/10 from 6-9pm. Details here.

An enlightened view of social innovation from our neighbors to the north

If you understand the value of social enterprise and innovation and haven’t heard of Social Innovation Generation (SiG), check out the Canadian entity’s website and publications and you will learn about some of the most forward-thinking visions of social innovation.

Their growing primer on social innovation is thoughtful, useful, and collaborative. Read, learn, share, and contribute. “Social innovation is an initiative, product or process or program that profoundly changes the basic routines, resource and authority flows or beliefs of any social system (e.g. individuals, organizations, neighbourhoods, communities, whole societies). The capacity of any society to create a steady flow of social innovations, particularly those which re-engage vulnerable populations, is an important contributor to overall social and ecological resilience.”

Share with friends who might have a hard time understanding your passion for social enterprise. You can also follow them on Twitter: @sigeneration

The Yellow Shelf Project

The new ban on disposable plastic grocery bags in Portland, OR has made headlines. But perhaps more newsworthy is the Rose city’s Yellow Shelf Project, which reduces plastic waste by marketing and distributing body care and household products in returnable, reusable or reused containers. Think of what you might throw out many times over a year- empty deodorant containers, lotion bottles, and jars – items that can’t be recycled or viably reused. The Yellow Shelf Project, a pilot initiative of Portland nonprofit Create Plenty, will provide an easily accessible alternative for you to put your consumer dollars towards a reduced waste market model. Visit their website in a few weeks to hear the latest on the initiative’s progress!

Also check out Create Plenty on www.thechangexchange.org

Hey Portlanders: Join us Wed. 9/8 at 6pm

We’ll explore youth leadership and social enterprise at our monthly Forum, scheduled this month for Wednesday 9/8 from 6-9pm. Hear from Laura Bulinski of Jefferson High School, Shane Endicott of Our United Villages, Jen Stone of LEP High School, and facilitator Warren Karmol.

The $10 cover includes drinks and locally-sourced snacks by Create Plenty. RSVP (503) 452-6898 or margaretcampbellsbi@gmail.com. Details at http://bit.ly/aTv622

Social entrepreneurs are providing a new kind of role model for “entrepreneurship” and programs are beginning to spring up that shift the kinds of opportunities for youth from shadowing or volunteer service projects to real ventures that change lives. Join us as we look at existing programs and discuss how to better engage the young.

Saturday, 9/11/10 is the National Day of Service

What will you be doing that Saturday to improve your community? Thousands across the nation will be volunteering in honor and remembrance of the 9/11/01 tragedy. Here in Portland, Oregon you can find plenty of ways to get involved with Hands On Greater Portland.

If you’ve got plans or aren’t able to get out and volunteer, we here at Springboard Innovation encourage you to show your vote of support for people stepping up and taking on community challenges as social entrepreneurs. Visit www.thechangexchange.org to meet these entrepreneurs and support their start-up efforts with as little as $5. They’re taking on tough issues like climate change, poverty, and abuse with innovative solutions.

If you’re located elsewhere, The 9/11 National Day of Service initiative encourages ”all Americans and others to voluntarily support charitable causes, perform good deeds and engage in other service activities in observance of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,” and they provide a way to search for nonprofits in your area.