ChangeXchange Reaches 101 Twitter Followers

…frankly, without raising a finger! I can’t say I understand it fully, but there it is. I am getting hooked on, not the posting part of it, but the reflective part of it. Yes, that’s what I mean… it forces you to reflect. What have we been doing? What matters to others? Who cares about what we’re up to?  How should I say what I want to say?I love that it forces me to be thoughtful. And succinct. (ha!)


Now, I just have to figure out how to get the followers to invest in the people on ChangeXchange. Small details. Thoughts?  Find us at changexchange, or invest your share at

Obama elevating social innovation at the White House

We’re following Obama’s effort to elevate social innovation. He spoke on June 30 about it and met with some of our favorites – Purpose Prize winners. In fact, Gary Maxworthy, who we hosted here last year, was present as another example of a social entrepreneur. Progress!  Such great words. “Government can’t be everywhere (nor should it be.) …We need innovative approaches… new initiatives… challenge the status quo.” And my favorite ” If you are waiting for government to solve our problems… Read more at America Forward and find the video at C-span. More at too. Transcript of President Obama can be found here.

Purpose is reward enough… yet…

It’s hard to beat $100,000 for doing what you love later on in life! The Purpose Prize nomination is now open for 2010. Hosted by Civic Ventures, the idea is to move ahead those who have taken on a pressing challenge as an “Encore Career.” What could be better?  Take a look.

White House on Social Innovation: *Partnerships

The White House Office on Social Innovation is learning to walk, or at least talk. We’re listening!

“Ms. Shah, who formerly led global-development efforts at, said the office has three goals:

  • To use new communications technology, hold meetings, and start discussions to find out “what are the innovations that are taking place, how are people solving problems, what types of problems are they solving, and where are they” working.
  • To provide money to innovative nonprofit projects working with state and local governments and grant makers. For example, she said the president is interested in improving math and science education and assisting states like Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana where local industries need to be revitalized.
  • To promote national service and volunteerism. Ms. Shah touted the expansion of AmeriCorps, which was signed into law this week, as the “first piece of action” in social innovation.

To the donors and grant makers in the audience, she said that the office wants to work with them in a closer way than previous government efforts.

“Partnerships matter a lot to us. It’s not just that the government does, and everybody else follows,” she said. “It really is about where can we learn and what can we do differently.” Read the whole post here.


Social Innovation Forum: Launching “Family Forward”

The best thing about our work is seeing people move from the margins to the text, gathering energy and force to push a new, needed agenda forward with conviction and compassion. On July 8th, Sharon and Andrea will launch Family Forward – all about families, children, parents, communities–all of us!… at the Springboard Social Innovation Forum in Portland, OR. where we convene leaders, thinkers, doers, and change agents to push the status quo out of the way.

One blade of grass often appears as a weed, easily trampled. Tiny blades of grass growing side-by-side with roots deep in the soil develop formidable strength. Join us.